Environmental Activist

The infinite complexity and variety of life inspires me to do everything I can to protect our world. I believe the best way to accomplish this is to create strong resilient communities organized around sustainable living.

Earth & Sky Works

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I founded Earth & Sky Works in 2015 for two reasons: 1) to learn how to create a business 2) to make it easy for people to reconnect with nature through outdoor spaces they create with eco-friendly products. As Lady in Charge, I do a bit of everything from product selection to marketing to customer service. Earth & Sky Works sells exclusively on Amazon.com and is on a path of expansion. Currently, Earth & Sky Works Solar String Lights is the sole product. Earth & Sky Works Solar Mason Jar Lids will be available very soon. Please visit www.earthandskyworks.com to learn more about the company, the products, and tips for living green.

Community Gardens

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I learned how to build and manage community gardens in an urban agriculture class at University of San Francisco with Professor Justin Valone in 2012. I enjoyed learning how to manipulate soils, construct micro-climates, identify plant species, and prepare delicious dishes locally and organically so much that I enrolled in the class for a second semester. I continued to volunteer in the garden outside of class and helped in Quesada Gardens in Bayview/ Hunter’s Point in fall of 2013. There, I also co-designed three neighborhood inspired posting boards for communication within the community. I am thrilled at the prospect of one day having a garden full enough to feed my whole family.

Pachamama Alliance

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In 2014, at Pachamama Alliance I dedicated one on one time to speaking with donors regarding incomplete payments and organizing donor information digitally. I supported event planning and production, assisted with grant research for proposals, created thermometer for tracking development gifts, attended Pachamama Women’s Group, and assisted with intern training.