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Earth & Sky Works

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I founded Earth & Sky Works in 2015 for two reasons: 1) to learn how to create a business 2) to make it easy for people to reconnect with nature through outdoor spaces they create with eco-friendly products. As Lady in Charge, I do a bit of everything from product selection to marketing to customer service. Earth & Sky Works sells exclusively on and is on a path of expansion. Currently, Earth & Sky Works has two product in our arsenal: Solar String Lights and Solar Mason Jar Lids. Please visit to learn more about the company, our products, and tips for living green.

Women Who Want to Start a Business Meetup

In 2015, I took over a Meetup group for women entrepreneurs with my mom to share everything that we’ve been learning about business and money. We’ve had even more fun than we anticipated teaching amazing women in the San Jose area how to play Robert Kiyosaki’s financial education game, Cashflow and lessons from the greats including Brian Tracy, Simon Black, G. Edward Griffin, and the Real Estate Guys.

East Bay Amazon Sellers Mastermind

I started East Bay Amazon Sellers Mastermind July 2016 because there were no masterminds for sellers in my area! We have grown quickly and are making the most of the two hours we have each month to meet other Amazon sellers, share resources, tools, tips, and hacks, and sit in the hot-seat and brainstorm solutions to current challenges with the group.

More Soon to Come

To learn more about my entrepreneurial journey by watch my 2016 Sovereign Academy application on Youtube.




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