Animal Enthusiast

There is not much I enjoy more than communing with my beastly buddies. I am on a mission to learn as much as I can about domestic and captive animals, their care, and the organizations and facilities that serve them so I can share my love for them with others. Compassion for the species with which we share the Earth is the key to keeping them healthy and happy.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

In the Lindsay Wildlife Museum’s Wildlife Hospital I care sick and injured animals that caring citizens find and bring in. We offer food, treatment, and medicine to birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and (theoretically fish!) until they are well enough to be released near where they were found. As a new wildlife rehabilitationist, I prepare and administer diets and medications and safely handle raptors and sharp-toothed mammals. As there is with any animal care position, there is LOTS of laundry and dishes too. I have been a regular Saturday night volunteer since summer 2015.

Stevie & Calli

Stevie Wondergirl and Calli the Cockapoo are my coworkers and besties. My mom adopted Calli from the El Paso Humane Society 11 years ago and I adopted Stevie in 2015 from the San Francisco SPCA. I think Stevie is a German shepherd Pitbull mix. She could also be Boxer, or Great Dane and Chihuahua, I don’t really care!

Oakland Zoo

As an Animal Care Volunteer, from 2015-2016, I assisted keepers in providing care and enrichment to a wide variety of animals including zebras, monitor lizards, a Taiwan beauty snake, tamarins, and the birds of three African aviaries. It was sweaty work, with lots of walking, but seeing the excitement on child’s face it made every poop stain and wasp sting worth it!

San Francisco Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (SF SPCA)

At the SF SPCA, from 2014-2016, I walked and trained rude, jumpy, mouthy dogs in the Mission Campus and worked with sick, inexperienced, and frightened dogs in the Leanne Roberts Animal Care Center. I assisted with public dog training classes and taught orientation for new volunteers. When needed, I prepared surgical packs for spay and neuters surgeries and during the holidays I helped match dogs and kittens with their new families. I had a wonderful time at the SF SCPA and learned so much. I only stopped because I met Stevie while she was sick with kennel cough and decided I needed to take her home and shower her with love and attention for the rest of her life.

The Marine Mammal Center

Volunteer in 2015. In the midst of the greatest numbers of sea lion orphans washing ashore ever recorded in the early months of the year, I am was honored to clean and sterilize the animals’ feeding equipment in the center’s kitchen.